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October 28, 2004

Just returned from a yearly employment law seminar I attend. Events such as this always quietly reassure me that I made the right decision not to attend law school. Quite frankly, I just don't love the law enough to put up with it on a consistent basis. And I mean some of these lawyer people LOOVVVE the law. And we're not just talking some fileo type touchy, feely love. We're talking some straight up AGAPE type unconditional love affairs going on in the chambers of the halls of justice. They slobber and drool over the excitement of Constitutional Amendments, case law and mock depositions.

Most of my life I thought I wanted to be an attorney. Secretly I didn't, but since most people have a tendency to peg outspoken and flippant black little girls as litigators, I kind of bought into the concept. It was during my freshman year in college when the revelation of my apathy towards studying the law hit me hard.

I had a college government professor who you would have literally thought was high on exstasy at the simple mention of legal jargon. When the whole 2000 election, Katherine Harris, voting fiasco went down, the man didn't sleep for an entire week because he was glued to CSPAN, CNN, and LMNOPQ, enthralled by the impending opportunity to test our judicial process.

Right then I realized, it was never that serious to me. A lawyer I was not.

But back to my lovely legal seminar that I enjoyed oh so much. I of course, being the kinetic learner that I am, drew on my hotel-provided notepad during much of the seminar (see my doodle). Trust me, doing this helps me to pay attention. All you other kinetic learners know what I mean.

Throughout the droning about the Family Medical Leave Act, there was one interesting point during the seminar when one of the lawyers likened an employee posting Biblical references against homosexuality in his cubicle to Aryan Nation propaganda. Yes folks, this is what we are waging war against. Don't tell me philosophy hasn't seeped into the crevices of all that we do. Just a subtle reminder to me that we can't stand to be flaky on this issue. Do you hear that Mr. President? No flakiness allowed.

  1. My lovely BCBG heels to make me look taller: $79
  2. A fancy catered breakfast: $0
  3. Parking: $10
  4. Being reminded of the fact that I shouldn't have been a lawyer: Priceless
There are some things in life that money can't buy, for everything else, there's Mastercard, unless you're generation broke.

Posted by Ambra at October 28, 2004 1:32 PM in Life
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Love the drawing. The Fairmont, huh? I stayed at the one in Vancouver a while back- so my radar's up.

Ambra, if you want it, you have another career waiting as a cartoonist. I adored your drawing, particularly those little details (Dull & Sullen, LLP? bwah!)

With each passing day I am thankful that I no longer work in Corporate America. I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle the repressive atmosphere after being a free-wheeling (and free thinking, and free speaking) Mommy for all these years.

As you know, ITA: no flakiness allowed -- except, I hope in some nice free croissants that were included as part of the continental breakfast spread that these seminars always seem to include... (hee!)

I did go to law school, but will I ever litigate? I pray not!! Instead I'm a government bureaucrat who loves working under Colin Powell :) Law degrees don't mean you have to be a practicing attorney.
Found your blog a few days ago, and I enjoy it heartily.

was my attorney from Dewey, Cheatam & Howe there?


bless you for staying awake during a seminar... I can't stand windbag speeches (even my own...)

Bijan: yeah I LOVE Fairmont hotels. They're 5 star all the way.

Joan: See it's people like you I love. You notice those little things. Glad to know I have a potential career to fall back on ;-D

Cathy: You'll notice I didn't exactly bash the lawyers. I actually like them. They're just a special breed of people. And you're right. Law degrees don't mean I'd have to be a practicing attorney. But do you um, have to actually stufy the law in law school? Cuz I don't think I'd like that. heh.

Glen: Beee nice.

i too feel into the notion that because i was outspoken, and dare i say articulate, that i would be an attorney. however, the thought of taking the lsat and realization that i would probably go into public interest law and make no money turned me against it. i became a social worker instead. (?)

while i wouldn't liken biblical references against homosexuality to aryan nation posters, such references would create a "hostile working environment". and, with the emphasis on teamwork in so many jobs, may make a gay/lesbian person apprehensive to work with that person...

...and, please don't come at me with "sexuality doesn't belong in the workplace" stuff, because it does everytime someone mentions a husband or a wife, or has pictures in their cube of their children and family.

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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