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October 30, 2004

There are no words to say when you walk into a conference room and hear the following spoken at the tail-end of a conversation:

"We're just having a really hard time finding a black Santa."
Unless of course you're Ambra, who always has something to say, and had to resist the urge to interject, "Trust me, he doesn't exist."

Posted by Ambra at October 30, 2004 11:04 PM in Life
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I have seen black-light-up-Santas on doorsteps in Chicago.

Well yes of course they're in stores....this person was referring to a literal, live-breathing, human tongue-in-cheek remark was that Santa himself doesn't, white, purple, or pink.

I know :o)

We were just facinated by the black light-up Santas.

Ya know, you are reminding me of the little girl from Miracle on 34th street.

Santa is always black as he emerges from that chimney!

Oh, my. I was literally in tears on Friday at my 2nd grader's parent-teacher conference over the "there is no Santa" revelation that will shortly dawn on my innocent 7-year-old boy.

Of course there is no literal Santa -- black, white, green or purple -- but what we have instead is love, and faith, and hope, and somehow Santa is the personification all three, which are gifts from God that we also share with each other.

At least, that's what I'll say to my boy when he asks.

This is very difficult, because I have always told my children that I don't lie to them: If they ask me something, I'll tell the answer. If I don't know the answer, I say I don't know and we try and find out together. If it's not an appropriate subject to pursue with them, I tell them that, too. I don't want my kids to think the whole Santa thing is a lie, because to me, it's not -- oh, this is too hard, and I should be in bed, but I find it very interesting that this topic should surface here, now.

I know that's not what you were talking about, really, but the coincidence is remarkable.

boy: I'm six years old. I've lived. And I ain't NEVER seen a Black Santa Claus.

george jefferson: Did you get what you wanted?

boy: No.

george: Well then.

Oh, my! You really should have given in to that urge. I would pay money for a photo of the look on their faces afterwards. :)

What do you mean Santa doesn't exist!!?!?!?!?

bwah hahahaha
but St. Nick was real... he's dead now. But he is historical.

The Santa Claus was a great movie... the first one. It almost had me

The Rose books talk about the "spirit of santa"
and how when we're little, Santa has to leave gifts for us so we learn the spirit. But that as we grow up, we are supposed to pass it on to others.
(kinda hokey. But I at least understood where they were coming from)

Aw man, you missed your chance!
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