What's in a Name?
August 27, 2004

Having survived some awful business travel to a few cities in New Jersey, the worst of all being "Teaneck" (whose most exciting venue is a Shop-Rite grocery store), I am proud to report that today I am blogging from the beautiful "keystone state", Pennsylvania. For the first time this week, I slept longer than 3 hours and let me just say it feels mighty good. Now if I could just name my gosh darn column, I might have some peace of mind.

What is in a name? Apparently, a lot. I've labored over the name of my very first column for almost a week now. I know it's not that big of a deal, but to me it is. Anything with my name attached to it better come correct.

I so appreciate the lengths to which many of you have gone to think up something clever and creative. If only I had 20 columns with which to name them!

Some of the suggestions were utterly fascinating. Others, left me scratching my head (in a good way I suppose). I even had someone go so far as to design me a logo. Which leaves me thoroughly convinced that I have one of the best lots of folks reading nykola.com. You people are lovely really. And in true stereotypical fashion, I give you the cookie cutter speech of how everyone's a winner and it was a diffucult decision and I could only pick one and all that jazz. There were some 50+ suggestions made via comments and email!

I decided early on that I wasn't comfortable with my name included anywhere in the title (besides byline). The reality is, you pretty much have to be ALL THAT to pull that off without sounding a tad arrogant (which I'm not so I shy away from stuff that gives off that aroma). Unfortunately, that ruled out Nykolsworth and Ambra Alert (both great suggestions).

Then there's the whole right-winged elephant thing that I'd prefer to stay away from because it pigeon-holes me, and well, you know how I am. That ruled out: You Know I'm Right, Kickin' it Right, Just Say It Right, Talkin' Right, Left Out.

There's also the whole "I know something you don't" vibe that I'd prefer not to exude. That ruled out: Left Out, Pardon My Hellfire, Truth Be Told, The Flow, The Column, The Fallen Intellectual

So with that, the finalists up are: Consider This and Politickin'. Now, help me choose.

(FYI, "to politick" is a real word Merriam-Webster style, it is also a slang word that takes it a few steps futher. Kinda double-entendreish).

I make my decision Saturday.

Posted by Ambra at August 27, 2004 11:08 PM in Life
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Aw man, you missed your chance!
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