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An Open Letter to American Idol
April 5, 2004
*Warning. Lame, shallow, and remorsefully pitiful post*

To Whom It May Concern:

Last year I made perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of my life: I started watching your show, American Idol. Here I was, a renegade supporter of anti-reality television ideals and I fell off the proverbial television-addict wagon. I was never on the wagon to begin with so I suppose that's a bad expression. Let's just say, I was "run over" by the wagon. In fact, not only did the wagon run over me, it also dragged my body a couple miles and left me for dead. I'm not really much of a television watcher. I'm actually the nerd that watches Animal Planet, C-SPAN, and Nickelodeon (for Cosby Show re-runs of course). When the American Idol bug hit me last spring, Tuesday evenings at 8pm quickly became "very serious" to me. I found myself doing strange things like not answering my phone, cutting off communication with my friends and family, getting into perhaps one too many non-work-related debates on whether or not "Ruben will beat Clay", yelling at my television, eating dinner on the couch so I could be closer to the idol action, and running to get second servings during commercials. Don't be mistaken. I still got my dose of commercial indoctrination. Your show is a major corporation's dream. It's a beast of consumerism you've created, and it's also made one very washed up psuedo-celebrity, one British playboy, and one hokey black guy mighty rich. This third season of your show really had me hooked.

Well, I've done some flesh-searching (that'd be the even more carnal version of "soul-searching"), and it has ocurred to me that I can no longer worship at the idol (no pun intended) of Fox's Talent Trippery. Time is a rather precious thing and I once again "re-discovered" my need of every bit of it (including that 1 hour time slot on Tuesday nights). I also "re-discovered" the fact that said television show will in fact, not save my soul, increase my finances, nor help my productivity for the Kingdom of God; and unless I have high aspirations of being a female vocalist (a false dream I am certain my family and friends would plead that I not pursue), American Idol is making more money off of me than I it; and therefore I must make perhaps what has been the biggest of decision over the last two hours of my life.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce to you and my relative world, that I, Ambra (last name witheld), am kicking American Idol to the curb. I have nothing against your show personally. In fact, I quite like your show very much. It is time however, that we depart. It's been "real" and "fake" all at the same time. I shall remember you always and forever recall how you singlehandedly turned a tiny, nobody, Asian boy, UC Berkley student, named William Hung and might I add perhaps one of the worst singers I've ever heard, into a pop-culture superstar. You're brilliant you idol people. You truly are.

An Avid WatcherCoke Sucks,
Ambra Nykol
Seattle, Washington

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Caption This Please...
April 2, 2004

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That's It! I'm Becoming a Smoker

When a company looks at its sucess I assume there's a number of things they use to measure productivity. I doubt companies are tracking the number of their employees who are smokers. If I owned a company, I sure would. Many of the "smokers" in my company spend approximatey 20% of their work day outside of the building, on the loading dock, smoking like chimneys. Do keep in mind that this is above and beyond their normal breaks. One would think an employee who's stepping away from their desk every 45 minutes is not the most productive -- especially if their job is not analyitcal, but more systematic. I don't doubt they're good people and good workers, but they sure do cost the company a lot of money while they're outside feeding their addictions.

When I was in college I worked as a waitress (a job that singlehandedly beat the crap out of me and made me a more compassionate person), and EVERYONE on staff was a chain smoker. Keep in mind, this was actually a somewhat good thing since they had all once been alcoholics and drug addicts (it's one addiction for another I guess). I know it sounds odd, but understand, the restaurant manager was a former alcoholic and invited most of her AA meeting buddies to come on staff. When I noticed that I was being shafted in my break time because I didn't smoke, I started demanding "clean-air breaks". I'd go outside and just breathe. This of course, bothered my co-workers, but they took the hint. Employees and their "issues" can most certainly have an impact on the bottom-line. Like for example, the number of employees who have personal weblogs. Now that could really affect productivity.

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Missing Student's Account 'may not be true'

Ya think? I should work for the Madison, WI police department. Maybe I'd save them some tax payer's dollars. According to this article, and many others in the press, there are inconsistencies in Aubrey Seiler's story. Can you imagine how much more effective the police department would be if they just had some discernment? So since the truth is soon to come out, I would guess that though Seiler is a "good student" as reports have stated (which by the way means nothing), she is in serious need of some attention and help. Anyone who would go to such great lengths of deception has perhaps got some "issues" that need to be worked out. We shall see...

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Religious Right Playing the Race Card Against Gay Rights?
April 1, 2004

I think not. AlterNet.org, an organization purposing to strengthen "independent journalism" recently published an article by Bill Berkowitz titled, "Religious Right Plays the Race Card" Aside from his poor use of the term "race card", Berkowitz presents a half way balanced argument. He asserts that the "religious right" has been seeking out African-American churches to cry alongside of them in the crusade against gay rights, namely gay marriage, in an effort to court the black vote. Well, we all know that's not going to happen so let's just squash that notion right now. This issue will not send masses of black people to the Republican polls come election time. Not yet at least. It does however, challenge the moral conscience of those who have remained brainwashedly loyal to the Democratic party.

It is interesting that the masses still don't realize that on a whole, African-American people are not doing cartwheels over the homosexual agenda. We're talking about a group of people steeped in a rich spiritual history of Christianity. I don't care how far from truth we have fallen as a people, there are still some principles by which many black people still abide. Likening "gay rights" to "civil rights" was one of the biggest mistakes made by those pushing the gay envelope--John Kerry included. So why it continues to be a shock that black ministers and clergy members are siding with conservatives on this issue is beyond me. Bishop G.E. Patterson, presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ one of the largest predominately black denominations, has been quoted as declaring there is no such thing as "gay rights" because in order to properly assert your "entitlement to something" your posture must be "right". Thus, living the homosexual lifestyle is not "right" and therefore doesn't entitle you to specific privileges for solely being "gay". There are no rights attached to a lifestyle that deviates from God's intention. I'd have to concur with Bishop Patterson on that one and that pretty much settles the gay v. civil rights argument in my opinion. There is no way black people will be won over on that one. Even Jesse Jackson can't bring himself to compare the two. Maybe if there was a billion dollar gay corporation in the mix, he'd change his tune.

Berkowitz is clearly not writing from an unbiased perspective. He says some things that make me wonder:

"Given their overall political agenda, it isn't surprising that black conservatives - who manage to get a disproportionate amount of face-time on media outlets like the Fox News Channel - are eager to speak out against same-sex marriage."

Berkowitz hasn't even seen the half. Whether or not he personally believes this (since he is conservative), a comment like this just goes to show how threatened white liberals are that they could potentially be losing their grip on black people. Black conservatives manage to get a disproportionate amount of face-time on Fox News? Cry me a river.

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