October 18, 2004
Column's Up

Pimpin' the Pulpit

Yeah that's right I said the "p" word. Deal. Just a little background for the article, I always put "Black Church" in quotations because I don't believe in the modern-day concept.

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Posted by Ambra at October 18, 2004 03:52 AM

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Good article. One thing: it's not true that secularists didn't rail against Sen. Kerry's visit last week in Miami, where the minister endorsed Kerry from the pulpit. I saw a representative from Americans for the Separation of Church and State on FOX News Channel discussing his opposition to it, and it's been in various newspapers (our blog linked to a Washington Times article last week where two secular groups hammered Kerry on it).

Posted by: molotov at October 18, 2004 08:30 AM

Good smackdown on Kerry's shamelessness. All of this makes me wonder about the preachers (and church leaders) who allow their pulpits to be kidnapped, who do not put Jesus first. Do they think that God is in Heaven winking down on them, giving them a "thumbs-up", a holy "atta-boy"?

"This year, the head vulture is John Kerry", and the "ever-credible Jesse Jackson" were two of the best lines from your article.

Posted by: MarcV at October 18, 2004 08:55 AM

Hey Molotov, you're right. But I didn't explicitly say that the Left didn't get critized, it's just less prone to happen, and even more unlikely to be widely publicized.

And MarcV the question you ask is a good one. I pray we don't see the day when God has to judge that publicly.

Posted by: Ambra Nykol at October 18, 2004 10:59 AM

Enjoy the Instalanche!

Posted by: LB at October 18, 2004 11:07 AM

Here comes the Instalanche! (Could be worse - could get FARKed).

Greetings from Washington DC. Great article - dead on.

Posted by: Shaun at October 18, 2004 11:49 AM

I don't like pols in the pulpit on Sunday's. If they come to community meetings in the church, to me that's fine as long as all are invited.

But I still wonder if one or 2 Black churches in a city that the pols visit, means that all Black churches should be condemned. So, along that line, I'd like to see the number of Black churches in Ohio and how many have seen visits from pols.

Good article.

Posted by: DarkStar at October 18, 2004 12:16 PM

LB beat me to it, but since I'm actually getting stuff done in the real world today, that makes me a blog slacker.


Posted by: Joan at October 18, 2004 02:23 PM

Hey Ambra...you got linked by Instapundit!!!

Posted by: BillyHW at October 18, 2004 08:13 PM

Looks like I got beat to this by a good half day...ooops...I guess I should read the previous posts, eh?

Posted by: BillyHW at October 18, 2004 08:16 PM

Oh yeah, Instapundit. I couldn't remember how I'd got here. :-) Nice article. I looked around the blog. Now I think I'll check out past articles.

Good job!

Posted by: Julie at October 18, 2004 09:52 PM

Yeah; the second to last time Instapundit linked me, I was in the middle of re-designing my site and all the archives were shot and ugly lookin'. Go figure.

Posted by: Ambra Nykol at October 18, 2004 09:55 PM

I like some of your articles, although I disagree with the one about Cosby. Cosby is not careful and a lot of the things he says is factually incorrect. As an educated person, or one who puts emphasis on Knowledge, I would expect more careful arguments from him, not "______ Black people______, and if you don't agree with whatever is in these blanks you're in denial."

Posted by: chrissy at October 26, 2004 10:02 AM

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