February 23, 2004
"Gonorrhea and the City"

Slutty ho #1, 2, and 3, enjoy a moment with equally ho-ish Carrie Bradshaw on the New York streetsThe media has been talking about it for weeks. Last night tissue sales went up nationwide as the beloved HBO drama Sex and the City bid its final farewell. Admittedly, I have only seen the show one or two times and never in its entirety, and never by choice; one, because I don't have HBO (by choice); two, because it had a tendency to be raunchy and grotesque. I've never quite understood the phenomenon except that as of lately many have been remarking about how "realistic" the friendship between the four women was portrayed. I guess the thing that never sat right with me about Sex and the City was the schizophrenic monogamy of their relationships. This whole concept of gallivanting around the city and having casual sex in half-meaningless relationships then later dishing to your closest friends as if it were some medal of honor is one I don't understand. I think we used to call that a slut.

I find it interesting that this show has struck such a chord with the female community. Perhaps a pulse on the culture, the popularity of the show does bring up some interesting issues regarding women and fulfillment in relationships, meaningless or not. Interesting issues or not, I have trouble with a show that celebrates masturbation as some sort of sexual liberty, good riddance. Now America can find something even less productive to do with their Sunday nights.

Posted by Ambra at February 23, 2004 09:48 AM

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