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Prayer for the President
Know Your Rebels: Ben Shapiro
Crack is Whack
Extra Extra!
Wanted: A Real Black Woman
The Pre-College Racket
Remind Me Not to Renew With
56 Years
Tavis Smiley on the State of the Union Address
Know Your Rebels: Erika Harold
Black History Month Revisited
A Question I Need Answered
How to Blog Like a Rockstar (Be Yourself)
Iraqi Sovereignty
The Idiot Box & The Idiot: A Confessional
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Hollywood's True Colors
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Know Your Rebels: Farrah Gray
"Desperate Hussies" and other things for which we can thank the Hollywood Foreign Press
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The Right to Be
The Great Abortion Marketing Plan
How to Blog Like Rockstar (Set Standards)
The Presidential Inauguration Benediction
Contrary to Popular Belief, This Site Hasn't Gone to Collections
Cursing Kids
Know Your Rebels: Hans Zeiger
How to Blog Like Rockstar (an intro)
Just In: Planned Parenthood's Condoms Don't Work
Plan B is Back
Coach Carter and The Sports Epidemic
Martin Luther "The King"
Washington's New Female "Governor"
Take Back the Dignity
So at least now I’ll have more time for writing
Blogging is the New "Black"
A Little Perspective
Requisite Monthly Rant: the point at which I decide that most businesses suck
In Defense of the South
Where in the World?
The Wish Creed
Blowin' this Popsicle Stand
Know Your Rebels: Adam Hunter
Jesus A La Carte
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Hollywood Liberalism
Friday's Missive: What are you reading?
The Black Chick Reloaded
May You Live in Interesting Times
Just In: Americans Stink at Math
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Say it Loud: I'm [insert something] and I'm Proud!
Caught in a Fashion Faux-Pas VIII
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WWKD: What Would King Do?
The Images We Buy
Seattle Judge Says Parental "Snooping" is Illegal
Continuing the Abstinence Education Discussion
Let Me Clear My Throat (a long and rambly somewhat rant)
Blast from the Wise Past
Abstinence Education, a Commenter Speaks
The Sexualization of Black Women (and Men)
A Theory
Thoughts On the Mall
Friday's Missive: throwing in the towel
Abstinence-Only Education Part #6758302
You Have GOT to be Kidding Me
In My World
A Changing of the Guard?
A Changing of the Guard?
Separate This
More on Birth Control
Gotta Love Diplomacy
How to Charm Me
I'm Sorry for This Too
Column's Up
The Requisite Monthly Rant: for the record, Republican doesn't equal "Moral" or "Righteous"
Reader Appreciation
Revenge on the Pills
Know Your Rebels: Dwight Howard
So I was thinking...
A Question I Need Answered
Happy Thanksgiving
Pigs Must Be Flying
Blogger Meet-up
The New Morality
Caught in a Fashion Faux-Pas VII
Column's Up
In Defense of Tarjay
Friday's Missive: The Brilliant Factor
College Curriculum Gone Wild
the Double-Minded Haters
Polls Schmolls
Know Your Rebels: Sheri Valera
The World is Filled with Pimps and Hos
Sorry Everybody
Michael Phelps is Sorry Too
Column's Up
Time In
Column's Up
In My World
Excuse me while I commence to dry heaving (and laughing)
The Recklessness of Sean Combs
Friday's Missive: Movies that changed your life
Youth Voting Gone Awry
Brother Michael Moore
The Moral America
It's Bush
A Question I Need Answered
Workplace Politics
The Fundamental Problem with Political Parties
My Dosage of Election Day Seriousness
We Want the Funk
Signs it's simply time to vote already...
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Friday's Missive: Books that changed your life
Eminem the Patriot
The Urban Dictionary: Bill Clinton
In My World
Bush & Gay Marriage
Wristbands and the Multi-Million Dollar Cancer Fundraising Industry
Know Your Rebels: Princella Smith
Now THAT'LL Preach
Generation Broke
Scrambling for the "Black Vote"
No Comment
Halloween Hypocrisy
No Comment
Requisite Monthly Rant: The Point at Which I Pull that "Race" Mumbo Jumbo
The Capper
Friday's Missive: The was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
My Magic Eight Ball Determines My Future: Reflections on the Throw-Away Generation
The Google Effect
Wal-Mart & Jon Stewart
Caught in a Fashion Faux-Pas VI
A Question I Need Answered
Michael Jackson and the Hip-Hop Double Standard
Caption This Please...
Cell Phone Counter-Intelligence
A Question I Need Answered
Column's Up
Writer's Block
More Cringe-Worthy Hip-Hop Lunacy
Friday's Missive: The Tacky-Factor
A Case for Indoctrination
In My World
On the Debate and Black Voting
Sorry Mom
The Ugly Side
A Question I Need Answered
Black Men With Guns
"Praying" on the Black Vote
Column's Up
The Truth of the Matter
On Entertainment Standards
Friday's Missive: What Peeves You?
Bill Maher, Resident Yapper
The Google Effect
Voting "Rights" Continued
Mail Bag
And Now for More Serious Matters...
Requisite Lack of Seriousness on the Vice-Presidential Debates
The Shark Tale Drama Entertainment as it Relates to Children
To Flu or Not to Flu Updates
Christina Aguilera Promotes Virginity?
Disproving Black Intellectual Self-Sabatoge
From Thug Life to Hug Life?
Oldies But Goodies
Voting is a Privilege
Column's Up
Cameron Diaz Made Me Constipated
This is Hilarious
Obligatory Presidential Debate Commentary
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
The Alan Keyes Lesbian Daughter Scandal
Why My Peers are Voting for Bush
Agenda? What agenda?
One of the Rare Occasions I'll Call Myself a Victim
Overheard 'Round the Office
From the Desk of Ambra Nykol
Things I Should Know by Now
Straight from Webster
Michelle Malkin and The Unappreciated Need of the Unappreciated Types
Why I Am Not a Republican (part four): my unsuccessful quest to become politically mainstream
The Free Market Society
Caught in a Fashion Faux-Pas V
Shortcuts to fame and fortune
Mamby-Pamby Christianity
Caught in a Fasion Faux-Pas IV
The "Job-less" America Hype
Column's Up
Cultural Tendencies Part II
"But he has a good heart"
Website Woes
Requisite Monthly Rant V: Real World Confessional
*Crackheads on TV
There is a Fine Line Between Satire And Ignorance
The Untouchables
The Ambiguously Gay Duo
Guilty Pleasures
From the "Cry Me a River" Files
The Great Educational Hope II
Termination for Love
Column's Up
Regaining Consciousness
We Don't Believe Him Either
The Great Educational Hope
So You Say It's Cuz I'm a Chick...
John the Baptist
Major Minutiae
I'd Come to Class, But I'm Hungover
A Question I Need Answered
Caught in a Fashion Faux Pas III
300th Post Woot!
Just In: Image Creates Desire
A Question I Need Answered
A for Effort
If Nobody Paid YOU...
Drive-By Commentary
Politics Gone Wild
Three's Company Too
Confessions of a Weary Traveler
Bon Anniversaire
The LanceBand Trend
Cringe-Worthy: The Bush Trinity
The Case for Why I'm Not a Member of a Political Party: Exhibit C
The Philosophical Conservative
Bug Me Not
Bandwith Debacle Part II
What's in a Name?
Conservative Homework-Pushers
Selling Your Vote
Conservative Singles?
Cultural Relevancy
Blogging Via Satellite
20-Something of the Month: Princella Smith
The Column
Requisite Monthly Rant IV: My Issues With Air Travel
Mail Bag
Ambush Media
Here Comes Moore Books
Guess Who Got a Column?
Talkin' 'Bout "Talk" Some More
Vehicular Offensiveness
Early PETA Education
The Wisdom of Commenters
The View from Here
I'm Re-Thinking My Trip to New Jersey
Alan Geez! and lessons from Barbershop Roadshow
Forget My Infidelity Because I'm a Gay American!
Tag, You're It!
So You Say I "Talk White"
Defining Social Justice
Changin' Things Up a Bit
Larry Elder's New Show
Babes in Sexland
New Jersey Must Be on Fire
Another One Bites the Dust
My Child Did What?
A Case for Excommunication
Heavy-Revy of the Week
That's it, I Quit!
She Gives Links!
Excuse Me, Is that Seat Taken?
Alan Please!
How to Build an Audience the Right Way: Don't be an Uncouth
Back Up Offa Me.
I'm Obese, and I'm a Victim
Caught in a Fashion Faux Pas II
Hot Seattle Happenings
Vote Bush. Or at Least Act Like You Will.
Let There Be Joy!
Best. Part. o'Summer.
Best Black Seattle Conservative Blogger?
There Are 59 Falsehoods in Fahrenheit 9/11
You Know Your Neighborhood is Safe When...
ACLU-ization of Schools
Rent. The Big Potty in the Sky
My Stance on Affirmative Action
Mary Kay "I'm a Ho" and the rest of her disgusting cohorts
Hosting Issues/Posting Apologies
Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age
Conservative Brotherhood Has New Digs!
Acting White
I'll Take "Stoned Wives of Hip-Hop Moguls" for $500 Alex
And I Thought I Was Ambitious
The Democratic National Convention in 60 Seconds
Human Capital: The ROI of a Kid
Who Needs Abortion T-Shirts?
Cos Conundrum Continues
If You Design it, Idiots Will Wear It
Because My Readers Are Over-Reactors
The Case for Why I Won't Join a Political Party. Exhibit A:
The Demise of Andrew Sullivan is Moving Far Too Slow
They're Raising Up Seventh Graders Now
Requisite Monthly Rant III: The Point At Which I Worship the Wonders of Vicodin
Reality TV Goes Altruistic
Blognic Recap
First Ever Seattle BLOGNIC
Sex Educators Who Should be Shot. On the Next Riki Lake
Apple. One Step Closer to World Domination
Freedom & Democracy
B.B. King is a Vegan?
Classroom Dynamics
Help a Sister Out
A Sign Things May Be Getting Out of Hand
Dumb Quote of the Day
Why I'm Not a Republican (Part Three): My unsuccessful quest to
Just What Should You be Reading?
Authors Find a Niche With Singles
Momma Said There'd be Days Like This
This Was Not What I Signed Up For
Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience
The Nature of Botherance
Tasteful Politics
Female Brains
Bush Celebrates "Take Your Daughter to Work" Day
Lessons From the Huxtables
Epiphany! Movies Are Sleazy
Hi, I'm Charles Dickens, and I'm Overrated
Political Polarization
Um, I'm Against Gun-Control But...
Rosie, This Stuff Just Can't Be Coincidental
Hip-Hop in Education: Do You Wanna Revolution?
Discussion Topics
Site Updates
Out With It...Worst Books Ever Read
That Just Proves My Point
Reflections On the Ill-Read Society
Caught in a Fashion Faux-Pas
Pure Enjoyment at the Hands of a Liberal
Public Displays of Expression
Why I'm Not a Republican (Part Two): My unsuccessful quest to become politically mainstream
Give it A Rest Already!
Help! My Dad's a Geezer
Happy Independence Day
Random Things That Occupy My Mind on a Friday Afternoon
Blog Underdogs
Striking Resemblances
Cosby Smites His Critics
Vote Someone the Underblog
Sad-Him Hussein
Bandwidth Debacle
Just a Clarification
Al Sharpton Has a New Gig
Why I Am Not a Republican (Part One): My unsuccessful quest to become politically mainstream
This Weblog Will Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds
Political Slogan T-Shirt Contest
The Bart Simpson Effect
And Every Man Was Right in His Own Eyes
The Lighter Side of the News
Comment Bag
The Most Productive Way to Waste Nine Dollars and Fifty-Cents
Immigrant Blacks More Successful than African Americans
Playing With Phony Fire: Larry Bird's Racial Commentary
You Know We're In Trouble When....
My General Distaste for Bill Clinton
Spanking: The Best Way to Save Tax Dollars
The Inevitable Demise of Method & Red
Whale-Lovers. Foolishness Personified
Why I Blog
Daddy Dearest
Life Ain't Easy
Restoring Fatherhood
Mase is Back in the Place
Oh Parent Where Art Thou?
Southern Blacks Swing Right
Random Housekeeping
Tools of the 21st Century Part Deux
Breaking the Minority Mentality
Hey Mister, Yeah You in the Dress
Ray Charles 1930-2004
Everything I Ever Learned Was Wrong...Well, Some of It At Least
To Be Young, Gifted and Black
Did What I See Really Just Happen?
How Boring was Your Graduation?
Cosby Need Not Make Clarifications
Phylicia Rashad Wins the Tony
Relationship Woes
Beware the Hustlers
Fahrenheit 9/11
I Love This...
Single-Parent Homes. Are Black Men the Only Ones to Blame?
I Need a Hot Girl
Something Worth Pondering
Requisite Monthly Rant II: the State of the Nation
Everyone With their Real Name, Please Step Forward
Just When You Thought You'd Heard it All
The Cultural Relevance of Beauty Pageants
The "Pimp-My-Ride" Generation
About the New Site
The Modern Day Minstrel Show
Excuse the Dust While We're Remodeling
Okay So I Fell..
Wal-Mart Chronicles
Cosby Legacy: Who Will Take the Baton?
Tools of the 21st Century
New Film "Saved" Walks a Very Fine Line
Things I Will Never Understand
God Privilege: Recognizing & Utilizing the Neon-Colored Knapsack
How I Almost Killed a Telemarketer
No Plan B...For Now
The Friendless and the Mindless
Marcus Dixon & Kristie Brown: A Moral Case Study
One Big Kick in the Adult Butt
Our Very Own Washington (D) State Rep. Doesn't Believe in God?
The Pervasive Deification of Education in Black Communities
Graduating Slaves
A Little Friday Fun...
On Behalf of the Jesus Clothing Donners
The Cheap Gospel
Jesus is My Homeboy T-Shirt Debate
Revealing Columbine
Putting A Little Flesh to Thought
Buy-A-Gun Day Observed
Render to Caesar
Funniest Captions
Requisite Monthly Rant on Politics
How Now Sacred Cow?
The Foolishness of the Message Preached
Happy Easter: contending for the faith
Why I'll be Wearing Jeans to Church this Sunday
April Fashion Critique
News from the Headquarters
Born Lucky?
An Open Letter to American Idol
Caption This Please...
That's It! I'm Becoming a Smoker
Missing Student's Account 'may not be true'
Religious Right Playing the Race Card Against Gay Rights?
Gay Channel Pushes Me Over the Edge
Pornography Regulation
Missing College Student Found?
Greek Societies: Network Mixers or Bourgeois Gangs?
10 11 Reasons Why I Love Dallas
Passion is Unseeded
So My Generation's Voting for Nader? The State of the Young
Just When you Thought MTV Couldn't Get any Lower...
In A Similar Vein...Seattle Minister Charged With Violating
The Gay & Lesbian Church
Whitney Enters Drug Rehab
Disney to Bring C.S. Lewis to the Big Screen
A Moral Hollywood?
Another Passion?
The Penthouse
Rounding Up the Week
The "Image" of Black Americans As Told by the NAACP
Spike Lee Confuses Again
My Trouble With Donating Blood
UPN Goes Righteous on Us
Guilty As Charged
The Passion III
Jimmie Hatz: the Urban Condom
Grooming Conservative Leaders
Weekend Re-cap
The Passion II
Reader Email
Posted Elsewhere
10 Things I Learned from the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate
Week-end Re-cap
Apparently, I am Part of an Alien Race
Martha: One Step Closer To Exoneration
Angry Black Women Heat Up TV
Passion Reviews Roll In
Apparently Same-Sex Penguins are Getting Married too
Bush Lays the Smackdown
"Gonorrhea and the City"
The Real Tragedy of Gay Marriage
Gas Stations Go High Tech
MTV Reaches a New Low
The Metermaid Saga Continues
The Fallen Man
Well It's About Time...
Well Boo Frickin' Hoo
The Passion
It's Black History Month...I Forgot
Fashion Trends
A Word About Content
Street Gimmicks
21st Century Leadership
Purpose at an Early Age
Too Much Allegiance
The New Tax Collector
The Magnificent One
Shopping for Computer Parts
Happy Birthday Dr. King
5 Ways to Keep People Away from You on the Bus
Idiot Pundits
To the Guy Who Stole My Stereo
To My Dental Billing Coordinator
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