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Contrary to popular belief, there are black people in the Pacific Northwest. Quite a few actually.

Hi. Welcome to my website. Nykola.com is a little over five-years-old, and is the personal weblog of Ambra Nykol, a nice little black girl, and freelance writer and opinionist out of Seattle, Washington. This blog is about my life, worldview, politics, pop culture, anything and everything. Most importantly, this site serves as a source of years' worth of millennial generation venting.

Generally speaking, the tagline bothering people since 1981 is probably an understatement. My number one goal in 2009 is to tone down my personality. I am not often successful. I need counseling. So stay awhile, kick your shoes off, chime in when you feel like it.



Frequent Asked Questions
(These are the answers to emails I'm tired of responding to.)

How do you pronounce your name?
I've gone most of my life with people mis-pronouncing my name, "Am-ber," when it's actually "Am-bra" (think I am a bra). It's phonetic. People try to make it deeper than it really has to be. I once had a ballet a teacher who consistently called me "Om-bra." That was funny. The other part of my name is pronounced "nee-coal," or so my mother says. Through time, it's evolved to a more lax pronounciation of "Nick-ole." Don't event ask me how to pronounce this website. I have no clue.

Have you ever considered a Christian/Conservative University?
Trust me, I've considered it all. After I dropped out of Wesleyan, I was actually "this close" to transferring to a prominent Christian university. Then I came to my senses. If I ever went back to college (not happening), I'd still go there. As for "Conservative universities," they're somewhat of a turn-off to me. I'm not particularly interested in studying in a partisan atmosphere. I'm not particularly interested in studying in any atmosphere for that matter. What most people don't understand is that my decision not to jump through the educational hoops isn't because I think American universities stink (although many do); it's because I never really had a very good reason for going to college. Many people don't.

You really should consider going back to school.
Eh, but why? But I do appreciate the emails from all the concerned mothers and fathers who have emailed me about my lack of education.

Who designed the black cartoon chick?
I totally can't remember. It's an image I purchased a really long time ago from a stock imagery company. My husband doesn't think it looks like me. He also thinks ketchup is a universal sauce so that show how much his opinion means.

Do you want to exchange links?
Sure if it's appropriate. I learned early on that people take everything I link as an endorsement so I'm always really careful with what I link. I'd like my future children to be able to read this site :-)
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The Peanut Gallery
This is the hokey stuff that supposedly lends the site credibility. I'm not so sure.

"One of the freshest and most interesting voices in the blogosphere..." Michelle Malkin
Author, Columnist and Television Personality - michellemalkin.com
"Playful philosophizing" Dan Leroy
Writer & Contributer - The National Review
"If I had been this smart and this focused when I was twenty-two, I'd be ruling the world now. This young lady, Condi Rice and I still might." Juliette Ochieng
Blogger and Writer - Baldilocks
"Ambra is a smart young blogger. I'm interested in hearing more about what she has to say." Joe Carter
Managing Editor - Culture11

"...she's bright, funny, and one amazing blogger."
Kerry Haters

"...one impressive dudette."
Mark Shea

"...a ballet dancer with boxing gloves."
The Black Informant

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Comment Policy
I decided to adopt a policy when I got tired of policing the comments section. Sorry to be so kindergarten. Most people don't need to be told not to swear on this blog. This is for those that do.

Code of Conduct
Nykola.com is a private entity and therefore governed by its own rules, regulations and code of comment conduct. There are millions of websites out there. Yet, you've chosen to come here, and by doing so, you subject yourself to the rules of the land. If you wish not to be subjected to such rules, you may kindly click that little 'x' in the upper right hand corner. Or in modern terms, "there's the door".

For starters, let's use a little common sense. The author of this website does not use profane language or expletives, now why in the world would you? That's what I thought.

Comments containing profanity will be edited or deleted depending on how I feel. Frequent offenders will be banned from commenting but not without a warning. This is the Internet. You have plenty of time to think before you type and inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

Comments left anonymously are fine but don't get mad if I don't respond to "Anonymous" ;-) Just make up a name. Makes it easier.

You are required to provide an email address in order to comment. The only person who can see whatever email address you input is the owner of the website. It shall not be published. I intensely respect my readers' privacy and never publish email addresses. If you wish to insult the author, tell her how stupid she is, or act like a preschooler, it is advised you leave a valid email address at which you can be contacted. I will almost always challenge folks on that. It's only fair.

At nykola.com dialogue or dissent is encouraged. You may always respectfully dissent, but comments that are intentionally antagonizing, unnecessarily argumentative, and extremely off-topic may be deleted.

It simply won't be tolerated.

Lastly, this website is to be left "kosher" at all times. Lewd or inappropriate topics are not to be discussed unless initiated by a particular post, but trust me, this will never happen. Chime in, opine, do what you do best, but just remember, somebody else pays for this website so mind your manners and act like you have home-training.
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Privacy Policy
Yes I have one.

Any personal information you share, including your name, address, phone number, fax, e-mail, and PayPal info, will NEVER be given or sold to anyone.

For purposes of monitoring traffic to this website I do at times collect certain information about the visitors to this site such as browser, operating system, IP address, and country. This is a fairly standard practice for traffic monitoring. This information is purely used to track this site's popularity. Should this blog ever go to an advertising revenue model, such information may be used for the purposes of providing advertisers with visitor statistics and demographics.

Nykola.com is not responsible for the privacy policies for any sites that we link to We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, send an email to contact [at] nykola.com.
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