To the Guy Who Stole My Stereo
January 6, 2004

Today I had off from work due to snow. Oh man it was bad, (the snow not the day off), but not quite as bad as the storm of '96. I'm just thankful for some time at home. now, onto my next letter of forgiveness

Dear Guy Who Ripped off my Stereo,

While I realize that my brother left you a prime opportunity by leaving my passenger side door unlocked, did you really need to take my stereo? Seriously, I really really really really really like my music. Without my car CD player I had to sing for entertainment. This was fine for me but not for my passengers. I also appreciate all the rummaging you did in my car trying to find something of value and worth I'm sure. I'm sorry however, that I disappointed you in that respect. Really I am. I wish I had more to offer. Like a blender for example. I had one of those in my car once for a couple of hours. I'm glad you got my speakers though, crappy as they were (apparently you're not too good at spotting good equipment), at least I don't have to see them anymore. It would only remind me of the tremendous loss I suffered when you stole my stereo. I also hope you enjoy my gospel CD's. I'm sure you needed them more than I did. God had to remind me of this as it was not my initial reaction. I especially hope you like that Israel Houghton & New Breed. It was one of my favorite CD's. Maybe that's not your taste. Perhaps you're sitting somewhere enjoying my Mercy Me CD, it's certified platinum you know. Oh, and whoever is the recipient of my stereo gets a nice surprise once they install it, my Debra Killings CD; which was brand new by the way. Big score on that one. You got the case too. I also hope you enjoy whatever else was in that Ann Taylor loft bag you took. I'm thinking you didn't see that it was being used for trash. You probably used it to carry your loot. I also appreciate you're kindness in keeping my door unlocked so as to remind me that yes indeed, I had invited you in. Most of all, I appreciate how clean you left my car; all cords in tact. You did a very nice job of taking my stereo. I should have no problem getting a new one installed.

Finally, I want to express my sincerest gratitude for reminding me that there's more in this life than the material stuff. Thanks for helping me realign my focus to God's sovereign provision. I really needed that kick in the pants. And while yes, I did feel completely violated (after all, you had your butt in my driver's seat), I thank you for the time I've had in my car to pray and sing to God minus the blaring music in the background.

In All Sincerity,
reminding you that what you sow you sure shall reap, I know I have (smile)

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To My Dental Billing Coordinator
January 5, 2004

This is letter week at So as not to go into the new year with unforgiveness, I am writing letters to all my less than favorite people. I believe posting these letters is part of the healing process. Praise God for redemption.

Dear Monica,

Something very bad happened today. I woke up with a tooth ache. Why is this bad? Not because I don't like pain, not because I don't like Dentists (although on a bad day that could've been reason enough). No Monica, it's bad because this means that I might need to see you. Again. See Monica, ever since we began our beautiful friendship last year, you have done nothing but cause me pain. Pain Monica. Now I like my dentist. He's a cool guy. He's a Christian. I figured, where could I go wrong? But then I had to pay, and that led me to deal with you. Now I gave you the benefit of the doubt, even though I read in your bio that you were on the committee here in Seattle to save that dumb old ferry boat the Kalakala. I figured "oh she's just another tree-hugger" Ha ha, too bad you guys lost it at the Auction. I would've been sad for you had you have been nice to me.

At first I decided not to take offense when you wouldn't return my calls. I even considered disguising my voice every now and then. I figured if First Lady Laura Bush was calling, maybe, just maybe you'd come to the phone. But after about 10 times, I started to take it personal Monica. I could have dealt with your lack of followthrough and been on my merry way. But no. I soon realized that you were incompetent and that really bothered me. I actually started to question your integrity and that's just not cool. Not Cool Monica! I actually had to pray before every time that I saw you just so I could find the right words to address you cordially, which you however failed to do for me but that's okay, I just wanted to pay my dental bill Monica. I'm trying to give your company money and you won't answer my phone calls. Something about this seemed strange. Boy, you sure gotta hate that harassment by customers to give you their money. Such a pain we are I know. I even wrote you a letter about my concern making all attempts to be civil in spite of the fact that I really wanted to clock you. But I'm a Christian, and Christians don't clock people. Well, at least not this one. I even resisted the urge to call you not nice things to your face. Or even worse, Christianese words like "the enemy" or "the devil". No Monica, you aren't worthy of those titles. I've come across much worse.

Then I got my bill Monica. Hmm, perhaps one too many zeros for my taste but I figured there must've been a mistake. And there was a mistake. Another MISTAKE Monica. You forgot to contact my health insurance company. Now I'm no genius, but I'm thinking this is a pretty important aspect of the dental industry. That time it involved my hard-earned cash. Here I am trying to be a good steward of my resources and you tried to stiff me. This was on top of the fact that you sent me my bill 8 months after my appointment. Is it just me Monica, or are you not good at this? May I suggest another profession? Perhaps this is not your calling. I'm gonna seek God on your behalf that you find something better and quit. Because you're bad at this Monica. Really bad. I beg you, on behalf of patients with lousy Billing coordinators across America, just say No. I'm sure Dr. B. will understand. I don't think he likes you very much either. But Jesus loves you. And I do too. Well, I'm learning.

Signed, A Bitter Concerned Patient,

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Bonne Année!
January 1, 2004

Translation: Happy New Year! Hello 2004 and Hello Blogger! I'm still tweaking the format so bear with me. I pray a prosperous new year for all. I rang in the New Year with my family at a downtown Seattle hotel and I am exhausted. We had a good time drinking (apple cider...duh), popping cap guns, and playing, brace yourselves, Scattegories. Ya'll ain't ready for us!! Watch out because we're real party animals in my family. Went to bed at 4am which is an unholy hour and way past my bedtime. Amelia and I managed to fit in a swim in the morning at the pool. Much to our chagrin, we arrived to find out that the luxurious pool we were expecting had become "the kiddie pool". So instead we chilled out in the jacuzzi. However, I must express my extreme concern for the declining state of hotel establishment swimming pools. A 5-foot deep pool is just no fun. Couple that with rules like no running, no jumping, and no diving and you have the most boring swimming pool on the face of this earth. I know about the whole insurance liability piece, but really I hate it. Insurance companies = fun crushers.

I intend to spend the rest of my New Year's day eating like the glutton I am. I have no New Year's resolutions. I only resolve to do the things I know I should be doing, and serve God faithfully. That's already enough for me to handle.

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