10 Things I Learned from the Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate
March 1, 2004

I indulged myself in the recent Democratic candidate debate aired on C-SPAN. Again, I remind readers that I have never sought out to be a political pundit here. I leave that to real buffs. I just call 'em like I see 'em. So I give you, politics for the people. These are some things I learned by watching the debate:

  1. Dan Rather is realy really old. When did this happen? He is also rather funny looking. I never noticed how much his ears stick out. Who knew time could do that to you.
  2. America will never vote someone with the title "Rev." into office.
  3. Congressman Dennis Kucinich looks like he's made of plastic. I wonder if his politics are plastic as well.
  4. It's absolutely not cool for a presidential candidate to not believe in God. So make sure you convince the viewers that you actually believe in Him. Contrary to popular belief, God's pretty important to a lot of Americans. It helps if you know some scriptures as well.
  5. This whole gay marriage thing has people confused. Even the candidates aren't sure what they think about it.
  6. When in doubt, blame it on George W. Bush.

  7. Sen. John Edwards must have a Master's degree in "Brown Nosing"
  8. It is important to wear the presidential candidate uniform: Navy Blue Suit, White Shirt, Power Tie.
  9. It's all about getting in the last word. Also, you look a lot better if you can throw in some policy jargon. Even if you're not sure what you're talking about, just make stuff up.
  10. Al Sharpton may potentially have ADD. Oh wait, that's a made up disease. Well then he's just impatient.

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Week-end Re-cap
March 1, 2004

Today, Monday hit me like a semi-truck. I was so not prepared to wake up this morning. Especially after a rather mentally draining "family meeting" we had last night. I remember on the Cosby show they had family forums. What took place last night was similar to that. We all went around the table and said how we felt about a particular issue I'm not at liberty to discuss on the world-wide web. In the midst of the meeting, I kept thinking, "this is so 1986 Cosby Show cheesy". I always wanted to be a Huxtable. Last night I got my chance. Side note: While reading the paper on the way to work (via bus, not while driving), I read an ad for the "Second Annual Save-the-Turtles Silent Auction". Seattle in a nutshell. What is wrong with these people?

Bush Loses Support of Gay Republicans
I don't think this is something George should be concerned about. It would make perfect sense. According to the article, which is of course slanted in view and probably not credible, they feel "betrayed" by the President's recommendations concerning the constitutional amendment. They were entertaining illusions of grandeur if they really thought the President would be pro-gay marriage, constitutional amendment or not.

The State of the Black Family
On Saturday night I had the not-so-privilege of watching a forum held on CSPAN called "The State of the Black Family". It was a Tavis Smiley presents deal that included a panel of smarties, Ph.d's, authors and whatnot. It also included a few notable African American achievers like Dr. Ben Carson famous neurosurgeon as well as not so noted, flaky, fake-Christian spiritist Iyanla Vanzant (who knew she was still around?). Many remember her from a stint on Oprah; then she got her own show but who doesn't after being on Oprah? I guess she was just no Dr. Phil because her show was cancelled rather quickly. We should all thank the network for that. Now she runs her own company "Inner Visions". That name itself is a warning sign to stay far away. So in any case, I'm sitting there watching this symposium with my usual cynical, critical eye, trying to be as open-minded as possible. Well, I tried. At least Cornel West was in the audience and not on the panel this time. His rhetoric drives me crazy.

I will admit, there was some good stuff said all around (education reform, rebuilding communities, getting fathers back into position, understanding the hip hop generation, yadda yadda ya). But overwhelmingly, it was nothing more than a bunch of intellectual smarty-pants sitting up there trying to out-intellectualize each other. A telling moment: one viewer emailed in a question concerning the current gay-marriage debate wondering what were the thoughts of all the panelists on the subject. Never in my life have I seen so much talking around the issue. After a good 30-45 minutes spent intellectualizing theory, no one was able to give a clear answer. I was so sickened by that. Most of these people either had no idea what they believed, or they were too afraid their book sales would go down by being labeled "conservative" for saying how they really felt. For goodness's sake, take a stand one way or another. At least don't talk in circles. I have more respect for people who will put their conviction right on out there.

The Passion Scores at the Box Office
Hollywood changes its tune. At first people we're calling Mel Gibson's demise. Now they're saying otherwise. They are some of the most fickle people I tell you. I'm willing to take all bets, and I promise you, the next year or so will give birth to a couple of spin-offs and/or other Biblical stories being brought to the bigscreen not necessarily at the hands of Mr. Gibson but somebody's going to run with this. For the most part, Hollywood is all about green. I still haven't seen the movie yet, but I will say, there is something to be noted in the fact that Mel used his own money primarily to finance his vision in spite of skeptics and now even many of the skeptics are changing their tune. He will be reaping some financial benefits here. That will inevitably bother Christians. Well, we're fickle too.

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Apparently, I am Part of an Alien Race
March 1, 2004

I'm not sure if I should take this as a compliment or just laugh. I have just been called the farthest-right conservative this person's ever seen. Wow, they need to get out more eh? So of course, I can't help but be sarcastic in my response.

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Martha: One Step Closer To Exoneration
February 27, 2004

Securities Fraud Charges Against Martha Dropped. Well, well, well, what have we here. Yours truly predicted it. One of Martha's biggest charges, securities fraud was dropped. I still stand on my prediction that Martha will serve absolutely no time in prison for this; not even a cushy celebrity prison. The decision to drop one of the charges puts Martha one step closer to where I predict she'll soon be. Back at home in Connecticut, doing more shows on how to put wall paper in the drawers of your sewing machine desk. This country is a trip.

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Angry Black Women Heat Up TV
February 27, 2004

The Washington Post published an article recently around the portrayal of African American women as "angry" on reality television. It seems television producers are having a field-day clipping, editing, and stringing together unbecoming moments of some of reality tv's African American women to portray shall we say, a hard-hitting, ruthless, and stereotypical example of what I like to call "The Angry Black Woman". One in particular catching a lot of flack is woman named Omarosa from NBC's the Apprentice. I have a confession. Although I talk much "smack" regarding reality television (translation of the vernacular "talk smack": to speak ill of; to speak against; to say negative things concerning), I do watch the Apprentice. Yes, it's true. I too was sucked in like Al Roker's tummy. I watch it every week like a bad habit and trust me, I feel very bad about myself. I repent (to myself) even as I watch. It's really the business aspect that interests me. I could do without the drama and without Donald Trump's hairpiece and self-inflated reality (the man puts water bottles with his picture on it in his hotel rooms....Gag me with a spoon. Come down from the mountaintops Mr. Trump).

I lay much of the blame on these women themselves. They chose to subject themselves to the hands of TV producers who are only after ratings. What did they expect? In the article, Omarosa, who I think has made many poor judgment calls in her behavior, plus she formerly worked for Al Gore's campaign, which I WILL hold against her, emphasizes the point of clever editing seeking high ratings,

'Most of the women who complain about her on the show, she says, are now her very good friends. "This show is about ratings," and The Donald pitted her against the other women, she says, because he was "just being dramatic."'

Aside from what's already been stated about her poor choice of words, I don't have a problem with Omarosa. I think her attitude stinks sometimes, but I also think she's misunderstood.

Continue reading "Angry Black Women Heat Up TV">>>

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Passion Reviews Roll In
February 27, 2004

The overwhelming thing I've heard from my friends about the movie is "it's too gory" almost to the point of being traumatizing. I have also heard that the depiction of the crucifixtion isn't one that brings people to repentence. It's just really graphic. The frustrating thing about having not seen the movie, nor being extremely motivated to do so is that I can only form an opinion in theory. So we'll see. I may see it this weekend who knows. I'm straddling the line here. Funny, one review I read said, "The book was better". Duh.

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Apparently Same-Sex Penguins are Getting Married too
February 25, 2004

Expect a post later on today. It's a busy day for me. I did get a chance to catch this story on same-sex penguins mating with each other. I can't think of a better argument regarding homosexuality than to compare the behavior with that of animals. Which we are not by the way. Contrary to what Darwinists may say. Ouch. I expect hate mail for that one.

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Bush Lays the Smackdown
February 24, 2004

I watched this morning as President Bush addressed Gay-marriage in a White House press conference calling for a Constitutional Amendment protecting and defining marriage. I'll reserve my comments for later. However I will say that I particularly liked this statement:

"After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence, and millennia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization. Their actions have created confusion on an issue that requires clarity."
Also, in a suprising twist on the Today Show this morning, Richard Roeper of "Ebert & Roeper" (who by the way, have completely lost their credibility in movie reviews after they gave Mona Lisa Smile two thumbs up. Actually, credibility was lost way before then) gave the movie the Passion high marks . He actually made some interesting points concerning the movie. Wish I had a transcript to quote. I don't. Forgive me, I am grumpy today.

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"Gonorrhea and the City"
February 23, 2004

Slutty ho #1, 2, and 3, enjoy a moment with equally ho-ish Carrie Bradshaw on the New York streetsThe media has been talking about it for weeks. Last night tissue sales went up nationwide as the beloved HBO drama Sex and the City bid its final farewell. Admittedly, I have only seen the show one or two times and never in its entirety, and never by choice; one, because I don't have HBO (by choice); two, because it had a tendency to be raunchy and grotesque. I've never quite understood the phenomenon except that as of lately many have been remarking about how "realistic" the friendship between the four women was portrayed. I guess the thing that never sat right with me about Sex and the City was the schizophrenic monogamy of their relationships. This whole concept of gallivanting around the city and having casual sex in half-meaningless relationships then later dishing to your closest friends as if it were some medal of honor is one I don't understand. I think we used to call that a slut.

I find it interesting that this show has struck such a chord with the female community. Perhaps a pulse on the culture, the popularity of the show does bring up some interesting issues regarding women and fulfillment in relationships, meaningless or not. Interesting issues or not, I have trouble with a show that celebrates masturbation as some sort of sexual liberty, good riddance. Now America can find something even less productive to do with their Sunday nights.

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The Real Tragedy of Gay Marriage
February 22, 2004

So I caught a bit of the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight. I wasn't paying attention much, but I caught a statement made by the president of "the Guild" that struck me, "We have the ability to foster tolerance through new insights and the deep understanding of eachother." Eww, how I hate that word tolerance. Tolerance goes on my list of "Top 10 Loads of Crap Taught in Education". There has long been a prevailing Liberalism in Hollywood. I didn't really watch much of the awards, but I could only guess that the remainder of the show would find award acceptance speeches laced with some mis-guided political opinion on current events. One perhaps, being the legalization of same-sex marriages. As Mercy Me said, "I can only imagine"......

I don't live in the Bible Belt. I live in Seattle, Washington. Home of the tree hugging, Curt Kobain/Jimi Hendrix listening, granola-eating, fake-protesting, ultra-liberal. Surprising? Probably not. I will say that God is doing a new thing here and the title of "un-churched" region will soon be passing away so take my comments in the spirit they're intended. Seattle wishes it was one Will & Grace show away from being San Francisco. Thanks be to God it is not and never will be. Not even close. I say all this to say, the stance many Christians here take on the issue of same-sex marriages is not exactly as well received as it would be in say, Georgia, where you can yell out "God is a good" in a grocery store and a least one or two people would respond unequivocally, "All the time!". That said, the debate over states' rights is not what captivates my emotions. I decided against law school for that very purpose (lacking captivated emotions that is). I do however, believe the City of San Francisco completely usurping authority is completely unacceptable and bastardly at best.

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